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"Imagine for a moment that Buddy Holly and Buck Owens had gotton together and written a batch of songs for the Everly Brothers. Then the Everlys played the material for Gram Parsons, who rushed them into a Nashville studio along with his mates from The Byrds. The resulting album would probably have sounded a lot like the latest CD from The Woodys.
Dyann & Michael Woody are from Colorado but are now Nashville-based singers and songwriters who write and perform hook-laden songs that always remind you of - and compare favorably to - earlier country and 1960's pop classics. Their first release brought them a host of Americana Music awards. Their sophmore effort ought to garner them even more notice. Of the 12 songs, the Woodys had a hand in writing 11. From the "Ring Of Fire" - style mariachi band opening of "Echos Of Love," and the Holly-esque turns of Steve Earle's "Hearts Don't Break" to the Killer keyboard sweeps on "Don't Blame Me," listening to "Teardrops & Diamonds" is like spending quality time with new old friends."
- Greg Milliken, Country Standard Time

"Combining strong romantic songwriting with warm Everlys-style vocals, Michael and Dyann Woody create an almost carnal strain of roots-rock. Translation: Whether its lust or heartbreak, the Woodys make you feel it. While paying homage to Country Music's most vital influences, they also lay claim to their own corner of country-rock heaven.
-Bob Canon, Country Music Magazine

"For the winning group disc, I direct you to the charming Woodys, 'Teardrops & Diamonds'. They're so country they make me smile. Think of Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris and you'll have the general idea.
-Robert K. Oermann, Music Row magazine

"Now they're back with a CD that's even better than their debut. The voices are still coming out of Everly-heaven, but the songs are of such a calibre and the production of this new one is so crystal clear that it's hard not to speak of a modest masterpiece."
-Marc Nollis, Rootstown Magazine

"In an ideal world they'd be big stars. If you were to put the likes of the Bryants, John D. Loudermilk, the Everlys and Goffin and King together in a room, these are the kind of songs that would result. This doesn't mean that this ppair are copyists, far from it. They just come up from the same classy school of writers who quite naturally come up with instantly memorable melodies and match them almost perfectly with heart-piercing lyrics. This is quality music. 4 STARS ****
Maverick Magazine

"I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It's like a breath of fresh air! This is the best 'new' album I have heard in a long time. The voices of Dyann & Michael Woody blend beautifully. In comparison with some of the pap coming out of Nashville nowadays, this release is head and shoulders above the pack."
-Now Dig This Magazine

"The Woodys' sound resonates in the memory, its homespun, heartfelt and familiar like an old shirt. It's classic two-part harmony, straight down the line from The Louvins, the Everly Brothers, Gram and Emmylou. It feels good, it feels right, and it feels real.
-Gretchen Peters, Singer/Songwriter, CMA Song Of The Year (Independance Day)

"Great songs, great voices, the harmonies don't get any tighter!
-David Lee Murphy, Country Music Star

"Michael and Dyann Woody are Everly-style hillbilly birds.
I find their debut album simply stunning."

- Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

"...39 minutes of pure joy. They have a 90's freshness and a
reverence for the past that is nothing short of music to the ears."

- Gordon Ely, Country Weekly

**** (4 stars) "Michael and Dyann's folksy, ever so romantic
style, combined with their warm serene vocals,
captivates the listener from the start.
Don't miss out this excellent duo."

- Key, Music City News

**** (4 stars) "The Woodys sport an ironic humor
and a literary slant to their lyrics that should earn
them an honored place in the alternative country pantheon."

- j.poet, PULSE magazine

"The Woodys will surely emerge as one of 1998's genuine musical discoveries."
- Stephen L. Betts, Country Song Roundup magazine

"The Woody's come across as innovative traditionalists,
forward-looking musicians with a healthy respect for the past."

- Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Daily News

"...their aching ballad, 'Habits of the Heart,' for one, deserves to be a smash."
- N.C., The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The Woodys clearly have an acoustic Everlys central position, but they veer off in enough different directions that this album continues to surprise, even as it remains focused."
- Tom Roland, The Tennessean

"I've known Michael for 20 years. He's a great singer and songwriter.
I've written my best songs with him.
I love duet singing and The Woodys hit it right on the mark!!"

- Chris Hillman
(The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Desert Rose Band)

"The Woodys are wonderful! It's like Gram Parsons meets Phil Everly."
- Brian Ahern
(Legendary producer of Emmylou Harris, Anne Murray, Ricky Skaggs,
George Jones, Rodney Crowell, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash)

"The Woodys harmony is so close it's like blood family,
reminiscent of the Everly Brothers. The music and writing has
a newness and freshness so different than average Nashville."

- Al Perkins
(Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris)

"One of the best selling Independent Country albums in Europe."
- Bert Pijpers, Continental Record Services

**** (4 stars) "Hynotic vocal work, alluring melodies
that seem to seep straight from the soul, combine to
create a breathtaking debut. Highly reccommended."

- Alan Crockett, Country Music Internationl (UK)

"Profoundly beautiful songs and perfectly crafted melodies devoid of pretension,
The Woodys bridge the gap between country, folk and pop."

- BUZZ, South Whales entertainment guide

**** (4 stars) "The harmonizing of The Woodys is simply wonderful.
Reminiscent of the Everly Brothers and influences of
The Byrds and Burrito Brothers."

- Country Music Round-up (UK)

"How can such talent live in Nashville for so long before getting a debut album?"
- Ian McQueen, Country Music News & Routes (UK)

**** (4 stars) "...what they're doing is alot more interesting than anything
Brooks & Dunn have given us of late."

- Chris Bolton, Country Music PEOPLE magazine (UK)

"You will be haunted by prosaic, ineffably captivating poetry, American poetry."
- Craig Pearce, The Drum Media magazine (Australia)

"The Woodys are not just nifty with their narrative novelettes -
they have supurb harmonies which can elevate simplistic love songs to a higher plane."

- Dave Dawson, Beat Magazine (Australia)

"What a delightful & freshing pair this is. Their superb Everly-tinged harmonies flow around some wonderful songs. The result is twelve of the best offerings you'll hear all year."
- Australian Country Music Round-up magazine

"I realize that this CD is nothing but a MASTERPIECE."
- Lluis Sala, Country Music DJ, Spain

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